Make travel fun for you and your pet.


The holiday season is nearly upon us, and many people will be taking their pets on vacation with them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when road-tripping with your pets to ensure your holiday goes smoothly and you avoid any headaches.


#1 Don’t leave your pet in the car

Don't leave your dog in the car! Be safe, take them out and adventure together.


We live in a glorious country and are blessed with hot weather in Summer. It may seem like a no-brainer, but of course, the number one rule for travelling with your pet is: Don't leave your dog in the car! 
Be safe, take them out and adventure together.

It might be tempting to just leave your pet in the car when you stop and rest, but it is not a good idea. Firstly the inside of a vehicle (especially in the hot Australian sun) can heat up to 73 degrees Celsius! 
This could cause severe stress and even death for your beloved furry friend. Remember having the windows down ARE NOT ENOUGH to keep the car cool.

When driving, it is essential to keep the air con on as well to ensure adequate airflow. So, keep your furry friend safe and happy take them with you when you get out of the car!


"Remember the windows being down ARE NOT ENOUGH to keep the car cool!"



#2 Make sure they have time to rest and recover

Everyone needs a rest.


Some pets enjoy travelling. Others don't. Regardless of this, you need to make sure your pet gets plenty of breaks. For their comfort, you want to make sure your pet gets at least one break every 4 hours to stretch, drink and relieve themselves. Also, remember to bring your leash as your dog may be overcome with excitement by the new environment!



#3 Get your pet's health checked before you go

Make sure your dog is in tip top shape.

If your pet isn't healthy, then it is much safer to leave them at home. So ensure your pet is in tip-top shape by taking them to the vet before you go on your road trip. 
Be sure to tell your vet you are travelling with your pet and get all their immunisations up-to-date. If your pet is prescribed any medication, take it with you in your pet's suitcase (see #4 below).



#4 Pack a suitcase with all the things your pet needs

Prepared human = happy dog.

Having a suitcase or a specific bag for your pet is a great idea. Your pet has needs too, so make sure you pack everything they need including, leashes, pet bottles, food, medication, toys, treats, water and a bed/blanket or the Portable Pet Pen from La Luna Pet Care. Make sure everything is easy to access too in case of an emergency.



#5 Make sure your pet is properly restrained

Don't do this.


Finally, make sure your pet is appropriately restrained! We've all seen dogs hanging their heads out of a moving car window, looking as though they are living their best lives. But letting your dog do this as you cruise down the road is not always a good idea. It is vital to keep your dog restrained (plus a legal requirement) when driving as it reduces the risk of injury for your pet and reduces the likelihood of your charming four-legged friend causing any distractions. 

Restrain dogs using a dog seatbelt or Car Capsule, and cats should be in a cat carrier with a seatbelt wrapped around. Keeping your pet safe in collisions is important for their health and yours, so make sure they are secure!




Taking your pets on holiday can be very fun but make sure you plan for their needs too! Don't leave them in the car. Make sure you cater to their needs, ensure they're healthy and don't let them stick their head out the window!



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