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How to make the pet rental process a bit smoother

Finding a good rental can be difficult on its own but, finding a rental with pets can be an extra challenge. According to the RSPCA, this is actually the main reason people surrender their pets. Despite this, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting a pet-friendly rental and make your renting experience better.


1. Write a CV for your pet!

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A simple pet cv is a great way to bolster your application

When applying for your new rental consider submitting a pet CV to bolster your application. Your pet's resume should include information like vaccination records, training records, your pet's traits and a little biography (and a picture too). Be sure to include pet-related references from previous landlords if applicable.

2. Ask even if it does not say pet friendly

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Always ask!

Ask! Ask! Ask! Even if the rental you are looking at doesn’t say pet friendly always ask. Two-thirds of Australians own pets so most landlords are used to the idea of people having pets. So always ask to make sure! You never know that purr-fect place might actually be pet-friendly.  

3. If you get a rental be sure to take care of it

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Don't vacuum your cat.

Be sure to take care of your rental! Once you settle in make sure you keep it clean to provide a good name for all the pet owners out there (and to make sure you get your bond back!).

4. Don’t let your landlord make you pay a separate bond

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Do your research! Don't be talked into unnecessary costs.

Some landlords may ask you to pay a separate bond for your pets you should not pay this. In all states except WA it is illegal to charge a separate bond. You have a right to a home don’t let landlords rip you off because you wish to bring along your furry family member.

5. Get a Patio Pet Door for your pooch!

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Even renters can enjoy the freedom of a pet door!

Once you get a rental set your pet free with a Patio Pet Door! Patio Pet Doors are pet doors specifically designed for rentals they require no modification and are an easy install. All you do is pop it in the track adjust and then you're done! You have a pet door! You can also purchase a no-modification Barlock to lock your door with the insert in place! Find out more about our patio pet doors here.


Best of luck with your search!


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More on the patio pet door.

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