With COVID-19, we are living through very stressful times. Many of us are facing health concerns, job insecurity and social isolation. We are all looking for the silver lining, to help us cope with the changes in our daily lives.

One such silver lining is the extra time we're able to spend with our pets right now. It is well-known that bonding with animals has a positive impact on our mental health and emotional resilience. So, we encourage you to prioritise your pets and your own wellbeing during this difficult time.

We have noticed that, since this pandemic started, many more people are adopting pets in need. What a great opportunity to make a difference to someone else's life - a pooch or kitty that will now have a loving home and family.

The good news is, business at La Luna Pet Care is running as usual. So, if you need a pet door for your new four-legged family member, we can help! Turn to us for temporary pet doors, perfect for rentals - The Patio Pet Door Insert. Or pet door installations into glass, timber, screen, or even walls! And remember, our friendly staff are here to help with any enquiries.

Let's make the best of a bad time together. As social creatures, helping others gives us a sense of purpose and wellbeing. Providing a home for our furry friends (or bald, if you have a have a hairless cat or dog!) can give us the connection we are all needing right now.

We at La Luna Pet Care are proud RSPCA supporters and we recommend their Adopt A Pet program. We would love to hear your pet adoption stories in the comments below.

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