Can cats enjoy the outdoors safely?


Cats are fascinating creatures. Though they are domesticated as pets, they still have retained much of their wild characteristics (which can be very entertaining). So how do you safely let your cat explore its wild side in the outdoors whilst keeping it safe from dangers that come with being outside? Well, at La Luna Pet Care, we have a few solutions and tips.


Firstly, what are the benefits of letting your cat outside?

Outdoor cat meditation.

There are several benefits to being outside, such as your cat engaging in instinctive behaviours such as scratching. Cats also enjoy basking in the sunshine. Letting them out gives them plenty of opportunity for this.


What are the dangers of letting your cat outside?

Don't let your kitty be scared.

What dangers does a cat lover need to be aware of when letting their feline friends outdoors? Firstly, cats can become injured outside. In addition, there are many dangers, from cars to predators to even other cats. Also, your kitty can become ill and sick from the many toxic organisms and plants that might inhabit your garden. An additional concern is that your cat, when outside, might attack wildlife contributing to their population decline.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the potential dangers for cats when outside.


The solution

So, what is to be done? How do you maintain the benefits of playing outside whilst mitigating the risks? La Luna Pet Care has an answer…

The solution.

The Solution: An Enclosure - The Cat Cabana

Give your cat a contained, enclosed, safe space that they can play in.

The Cat Cabana is a large cat enclosure from La Luna Pet Care that provides a perfect space for a cat to play and enjoy themselves outside keeping them safe from the risks of the outdoors. It is a modular, portable & tool-free cat enclosure that can be fully customised to suit your feline friend's needs. The Cat Cabana's accessories provide shade from the sun and vertical space to put your cat at ease. Suitable for indoors or outdoors, it has a strong powder coated anti-rust aluminium frame and ground pegs. Using the Cat Cabana ensures your cat is safe and is an excellent option for a responsible pet owner. 



In conclusion, if you want your cat to enjoy the outdoors safely, get an enclosure!


Find out more about the Cat Cabana here

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