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Indoor or outdoor cat?

Most states and territories in Australia now require cats to be kept indoors or maintained within the boundary of your property. This not only protects the native wildlife but also prevents unwanted pregnancies and keeps kitty safe. 


Cats naturally like to be outdoors, taking in the fresh air and basking in the sun. 

You may be wondering how you can keep your kitty safe and still provide the enrichment they need. 


Its simple - a Cat Enclosure. Also called a catio or a cat run, when built right they can provide your cat with the stimulation they need. So the question is:


How do I build the best Cat enclosure for my kitty? 


We have the perfect solution. 

















Why do I need to build a cat enclosure? 


There are many reasons you may choose to build an enclosure for your cat. 


Keeping the native wildlife safe.  As much as it pains us to think of our precious kitties as killers unfortunately it’s in their nature. Cats love to stalk their prey and I hate to say it, play with their food. This is why most stated and territories require your cat to be kept on your property at all times. Plus as much as kitty thinks they are doing us a favour we don’t really appreciate a dead rodent on the front porch in the morning.


Keep Kittys safe and reduce vet bills. There are too many dangers to cats to mention. They range from cars and humans to other cats and disease. Keeping your cat within the boundary of your property can help reduce injury and vet bills! 


Provide stimulation and enrichment. Building a cat enclosure can offer kitty a safe space and encourage natural behaviours. Creating a stimulating environment with a few levels, toys and plenty of places to watch the birds go by provides daily enrichment for your cat. 


What do I need to create such an environment for Kitty?


The Cat Cabana Cat Enclosure is a portable, modular unit that really is limitless! Its unique designs enables you to create the perfect space for Kitty and comes in cheaper than most other options. 

You can see the cat cabana cat enclosure here. 


As you can see the modular design enables you to add as many add on cubes as you like. You can build it up or build it out. Its many accessories offer shade and comfort for kitty too. 


Now you can create a beautiful space with just the base model and an accessory or two. 

Kitty will love you for it I promise! But we wanted to show you some customers who really have used their imagination ( and a few handy skills ) to customise the Cat Cabana Cat enclosure to suit their needs.  But we wanted to show you some customers who really have used their imagination ( and a few handy skills ) to customise the Cat Cabana Cat enclosure to suit their needs


Main Coon _lyf 


Our beautiful Feline friends over @maincoon_lyf (instagram) have gone above and beyond for their fur babies. Located on the balcony of thier home they have a multilevel enclosure with added platforms, cat grass and even a ball pit! 


Loki, Cleo and Andre all have a favourite place in the enclosure to chill out and watch the world go by. 


Cat plants, floating platforms and added shelters make this the perfect double decker cat palace for their suburban setting. 



Wild Awakening


Ziggy and Zelda the beautiful bengals from Melbourne are certainly lucky Kittys! They have put two penthouse packages together to create a huge outdoor space in their back yard. Attached to the house these fabulous felines have access to their enclosure from a pet door in the window.


Built over a couple of levels the original space included cat trees, hammocks and even a sand pit! 


Ziggy and Zelda recently moved house and once again Meowmy has created a fabulous new for them. 


The new Enclosure now includes large branches for stalking over and a floor of bark for some different texture. 


Jo from Sydney


This enclosure was created by Jo From Sydney. Another amazing use of platforms this enclosure has also been modified to fit the space. The cat tree creates a spot for her Kittys to be able to access the top level. Toys, beds and tunnels give these lucky kitties hours of entertainment! 

Some tips and tricks for customising your Cabana and creating the Palace your kitty deserves! 


  1. Don’t be afraid to use levels. Cats love to get up high and lord over their minions and as you can see there are many options to achieve this. The Floating platform and hammock can be put anywhere in the enclosure and are always very popular! Cat trees and custom platforms are also a great way to help Kitty get some height.
  2. Build it out. If you are lucky enough to have a large space adding extra floor space to the enclosure will give cats plenty of space to run around. The Cat cabanas modular design means the possibilities really are endless!
  3. Cats are naturally playful! We have seen, ball pits, sand pits and even baskets of ping pong balls to keep kitty entertained! Tunnels, scratch posts and string toys are all great additions to any enclosure.
  4. Did you notice Maincoon_lyfes cat plants?  There are a few options you can include in your enclosure. Cats love to eat them and they also help make the enclosure aesthetically pleasing for us hoomans! Cat nip, lemon grass and cat mint are all safe for Kitty!
  5. Add Kittys favourite belongings to the enclosure. If they have a particular shelter, scratch post or bed they love. Add it in to help them feel at home. Not all kitties will take to the Enclosure straight away but with a little time and patience they will be meowing to get in there!
  6. Add some Shade. One of the main concerns we hear from you is that you want to provide kitty with some shade and shelter in the enclosure. The Shade sail is perfect for this! It can be added anywhere on the enclosure is is UV resistant. 


We love nothing more than seeing you get creative with the Cat Cabana Cat Enclosure!

YOU are our inspiration and we would love to feature your creations on our socials and blogs! Send pics to or tag us in any pictures you upload. 


You too could inspire someone else to create an amazing space for their Kittys just like we hope we have inspired you today! 


Any questions feel free to drop me an email at and I will do my very best to help you! 


Now what are you waiting for? Kitty can’t wait… 


Hannah B XOXO 


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