You've been researching pet doors for a while now. 

Trawling the internet for hours on end, and you've finally decided on a brand. The only issue is they offer both a rigid flap and a soft flap. If this is your first pet door, you're probably wondering what the difference is and why it matters?

Having some experience in pet doors myself, I thought I'd put in the hard yards for you. So here are some handy pros and cons to consider whilst you make your decision.


Hard Flaps

Pro – Most hard flaps come with locking clips attached to the door frame, making it easy to lock the flap on the pet door - you know I'm all about the simple life.

Pro – Most RFID pet doors come with hard flaps. 

RFID, what is that I hear you wonder? RFID stands for radio frequency identification. These clever pet doors use microchip technology that will only allow registered pets to enter the pet door, keeping pests and intruders out! This simply wouldn't work with a soft flap.

Con – Hard flaps aren't the safest option. If, for example, your pet gets spooked and starts backing out of the pet door, they might hurt their neck or back on a hard flap. I've witnessed this, and it's not fun, trust me.


Soft Flaps


Pro – Soft flaps are flexible and move with your pet when they walkthrough. No getting stuck. This function makes the pet door safe for your pet to use.

Con – Most soft flaps use locking plates, which can be a little unsightly if you're concerned about aesthetics. However, a locking plate does provide excellent security.

Pro – All pet door flaps experience wear and tear from use and exposure to weather. To be honest, hard or soft, they can look a little gross after some time and lots of use. Soft flaps are designed to be easily replaceable, which extends the life of your pet door and makes for a mini-makeover for your door.


We offer a selection of hard and soft flaps in our own pet door designs. The Patio Pet Door Insert and the Aluminium Premium Pet Door feature a replaceable soft flap. The Invisi Flap for Glass has a hard flap with four-way locking. We also stock the SureFlap Microchip RFID Pet Door, which has an automated rigid flap.



Perhaps you have some thoughts on hard flaps v. soft flaps? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Comments (4)

Replacement soft flap

By: on 30 November 2022
Can we replace the existing hard flap on our Transcat doggy door with a more flexible soft flap? Can you please offer any suggestions. Happy for someone to call out to inspect. Response
Hi Justine, Unfortunately, the transcat pet doors don't have soft flaps. You may wish to take a look at another range of our pet doors. The aluminium range has soft flaps. Kind Regards La Luna.

Soft flap pet door

By: on 12 September 2022
I would like to install a pet door in my existing screen door. Can I install one with you - that is, do you have installers for your pet doors. I would also need a fairly large one for my GSP and my silky terrier to use. Both are used to a pet door. Response
Hi Roslyn, Yes we have installers and can get you booked in for an installation. Please call our Customer support team on 1300 761 369 and they will be able to assist.

Replacement hard cover

By: on 26 April 2022
Hi I’m looking for a replacement hard cover that secures the soft flap, when the door is not in use. Can u direct how I can order this online. Thanks Response
Hi There, Sure, the steel locking plates can be purchased by calling our support team on 1300 761 369 and choose option 1 (sales). This part cant be ordered online but can be over the phone.

Replacement soft flap

By: on 19 December 2020
The soft flap on our pet door has split along the top. Can we get a replacement? Response
Hi Merryl, Yes you can purchase replacement flaps. The flaps usually last 1-2 years or more, dependant on how many animals you have and the location of the pet door. See this link

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