We recently expanded our range at La Luna Pet Care to include Premium Pet Strollers.

After sharing our new Pet Strollers on social media, we noticed many comments asking why people use pet prams. Some went as far as saying it was precious or even creating lazy dogs.



We know there are many valid reasons for using our strollers. However, we decided to ask our amazing followers what some of their great reasons are! We hope these examples can help educate people on the many varied uses of strollers for dogs and cats.



1. Elderly Dogs. 

           Just like us, dogs start to slow down as they age. Their bones and joints weaken, and walking can become too much for them. However, they still love to get out. I know my dogs, who are now 10, are a lot slower by the end of a walk, and one day we may need a Dog Buggy so they don't miss out. 


2. Injured, Paralyzed or sick dogs.

          I recently saw a comment about a pet stroller where a child had pointed out that the Puppy was in a wheelchair. A Pet Pram is precisely that for an injured Doggo. It's common for small dogs to damage the meniscus in their knee and elbow joints. Recovery from this can take some time, with some poor pups needing surgery. A trip out in a Dog Stroller will certainly brighten their day.


3. Rescue dogs. 

          Some rescue dogs haven't been fully socialised and suffer from anxiety. A Pet Stroller not only keeps them safe but would also protect others if the dog were to feel threatened.


4. Dogs with heartworm

         Heartworm recovery is a long process, and dogs are not to exercise during this time. A Dog pushchair is a perfect way to get them out of the house and keep them resting.



Certain situations call for the use of a pet stroller. Here are some examples: 

An elderly or physically impaired dog owner who still wants to do right by their pets and get them out and about might choose to use a pet pram for their Cat or Dog. The Stroller frame its self can be used for stabilisation when walking. It also helps prevent accidents caused by an owner being pulled over when doggo sees a brush turkey.


1.Car rides

When you think of a Pet Stroller as a soft Crate on wheels, it doesn't seem so unusual, does it? Our Premium Pet Stroller includes a detachable carrier with an ISOFIX system to secure your pets safely in the car. Being on wheels makes moving pets around more effortless and getting them into the car for travel a breeze.

2. Airports

Similar to above, some may also choose to use a Pet Stroller for transportation through busy airports. Whilst you would need to check the airline's rules, there is no doubt a safe enclosed space for your pup in a busy airport is a great idea!

3. Vet Visits

Visits to the vets can become a lot easier, especially if you need to take a litter of pups for a check-up!

4. Busy spots 

Crowded places such as Shopping centres, busy cities and hectic parks can be overwhelming for many dogs. Dog buggies provide a safe place for your pups to get through until it's a bit less chaotic and they can have a run-around.

5. Weather conditions

Extreme weather can cause an issue for the pads of a pup's feet. The hot Australian climate can make a midday walk almost impossible without some protection. The pavements get so hot they can cause burns to the pads of a dog's feet. Most Pet strollers are very well ventilated and provide shade on a hot day.

On the opposite end of the scale, extreme cold and snow can cause frostbite. I could not imagine walking barefoot through ice and snow! I'm sure your dog would be pretty happy snuggling up to a warm blanket in your pet stroller.


You may have noticed I've mentioned Cats a few times in this article. 

Yes, a stroller for a cat is a thing. 

You may or may not know that letting a Cat out of your garden is illegal in many parts of Australia. This protects not only the cats but also the native wildlife. Many people use a Stroller for their cats to get them out and about. This is usually combined with some harness training, enabling kitty to explore the great outdoors in safety.


Whether you have found this article because you were curious about why people use strollers for their pets or were looking for a Pet Stroller for your cat or dog, we hope it has provided you with the information you were looking for.


Our new Premium Pet Stroller with Isofix Car Capsule is available now and well worth a look.

Available in two frame colours and two material colours, I promise you won't find a stroller this beautiful anywhere else!


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