Exercising with your dog is a great way to spend time together and for you both enjoy all the health benefits of an active lifestyle. We have complied a list here of a few things you ought to know when taking your precious pups out for an exercise session. It's good to note that exercising can be crucial to prevent your dog from getting overweight or upset from inactivity.


Tip 1. Assess your individual pets needs with your vet

All dogs are different and have different needs and abilities so, talk with your vet first about your pets needs before you go for a run with your dog. Some dogs can run for ages and others can’t, puppies have different needs to older dogs and so do very old dogs and so on. So be sure to gets some advice before you exercise - so as not to over stress your dogs!

Take your pet to the vet!

As always, consult with your vet.


Tip 2. Run/walk on a trail

Take your dog for a trail run! The additives and heat of pavement can hurt your pooch’s feet if it's a hot day! So, take them off road for a workout that is not only beneficial for them but for you as well. People train harder when they jog on the uneven surfaces that are found on trails. This also a great way to explore your local area and take in some beautiful scenery.

running through the forest is great both physically and spiritually

Running through the forest is great both physically and spiritually!


Tip 3. Get A Pet Water Bottle

Exercising makes dogs thirsty too! So, get a Pet Bottle from La Luna Pet Care. Pet bottles are a great convenient way to keep your pet hydrated when out and about. They are small enough to fit in your hand or bag and have a little spout to allow your dog to drink from. Be sure to give your pet a drink at regular intervals otherwise they may get dehydrated!

Pet drinking from pet bottle

Drinky, Drinky! Hydrate using a Pet Bottle from La Luna Pet Care


Tip 4. Watch out for paralysis ticks

Paralysis ticks are found all across the east coast of Australia and elsewhere too. They pose a real danger to your dog so it is important to check your dog after you get home from your run. Be sure to run your fingers across your dogs whole body and check their ears. If you find a tick remove it immediately with either gloved hands or a tick remover and place the tick in a zip lock bag. If your dog shows any signs of tick paralysis take them to the vet immediately. Tick paralysis is life threatening so be sure to look out for tell-tale signs such as if your dogs bark sounds different, if they seem weak or if they seem to have difficulty breathing.

Check your dog for ticks

Ticks are deadly! keep an eye on your friend!


Tip 5. Make sure your pet is vaccinated

Speaking of dog health be sure your dog is vaccinated! If your dog is going out, make sure all there vaccinations are up to date so they don’t catch or spread any harmful diseases!

Dog being vaccinated

Get up to date with your pet vaccinations


Tip 6. Don’t exercise right after your dog has eaten

Exercising on a full tummy is a bad idea for humans, and it is also a bad idea for dogs too. Exercising right after your dog has eaten can cause bloating and other discomfort for your dog. Thus, be sure to take it easy & wait a minute when your pooch has just had their dinner.

Dog waiting to eat

"No more I am full and need to rest"


Tip 7. Take a rest

Our last tip is a simple yet effective one - take a breather every now again. If your dog stops or sits down, be sure to take a rest with them and if they seem tired take them back home. Never force your dog to exercise and never force your dog to run along-side your bike (this is actually illegal in some states). It is important let your doggo calm down after you have exercised and to give them some space. 

Dog and person resting on hill

Enjoy the view and take a rest.


Exercising is a fantastic bonding activity for you and your dog and a great way for you both to get healthy. As always, be sure to keep your pets needs in mind and consider taking your pet on a trail for some extra challenge and beauty. Whether its jogging, tennis or swimming you’ll be sure to have a great time exercising with your precious four legged friend.


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