Taking your dog to the beach can be very fun and enjoyable for both you and your pooch. But there are a few things to consider when taking your furry friend to the beach. We at Luna Pet Care have compiled a little list of things you should know when taking your pooch to the beach.


#1 Is The Beach Pet-Friendly

Be sure to check. You could cop a fine!

Before going to the beach, make sure the beach is friendly for doggos. Check local rules and regulations to make sure the beach you are heading to. These days there are a fair few pet-friendly beaches and travel destinations, so there shouldn't be one too far from you.


#2 Make Sure Your Dog Knows How To Swim!

Get swimming lessons and a lifejacket for your dog

Not all dogs would love being on a board

If you are planning on letting your dog play in the water, make sure they know how to swim first! Some dogs take to water naturally; others might not. Consider getting your dog swimming lessons and a life jacket.


#3 Provide Sun Protection

Provide sun protection like a sun vest

Sunscreen for dogs is a thing!

Your dog is susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer too! Make sure you protect them when you're at the beach with sunscreen and/or a sun shirt. Make sure to get a sunscreen that is hypoallergenic and specifically formulated for pets. If you're unsure what sunscreen to get, ask your vet for advice. Make sure you also take care of your dog's paws as sand can get very hot and burn them!


#4 Make Sure They Have Fresh Water!

Get a pet bottle!

The Pet Bottle from La Luna Pet Care

If your dog is thirsty, they may try to drink saltwater. This is not good. Make sure you bring plenty of fresh water and have it readily available for your dog to drink. Be sure to rinse them afterwards, too. You don't want your dog getting sick from the chlorine or disease when grooming themselves afterwards.

Consider getting a pet bottle from La Luna Pet Care. Our pet bottles are compact and convenient providing an easy way for you to keep your furry friend hydrated whenever you are out and about.


#5 Make Sure They Don’t Go Too Far Out

Unless your dog is a pro surfer don't take them out to far..

Your dog is not Kelly Slater

Rough Seas are dangerous for dogs so take care to keep them from getting too far into the water. If your dog doesn't respond to recall commands, consider keeping them on a long leash. Either way, keep an eye on your furry friend when you are at the beach.


#6 Think Of The Environment

Pick up after your pets

Think of the environment

This one is simple but important. Make sure you pick any droppings and other litter before you leave. Beaches are part of our cultural and natural heritage, so keep them clean for all to enjoy!


#7 Give Your Dog A Place To Rest

Have a place for your pets to rest

The Pet Pen from La Luna Pet Care

Though also covered in #3, it is worth emphasising that your dog not only needs sun protection but a cool place to rest! Your dog can overheat if it does not have a place to cool down. The sand and heat can all be scorching, so make sure your dog has a nice shaded space under an umbrella to get their paws off the hot sand.

And be sure to bring the Pet Pen from La Luna Pet Care to give your dog their own special place to rest and recover. The Pet Pen has closable doors if your dog needs to be contained for whatever reason during your visit to the beach!



The beach is a great place to go have fun with your dog! Just keep in mind the needs of your pup, and you will have a great time in the sand. So what are you waiting for? Go out and have an amazing day on the beach with your dog!



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